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Building next-generation streaming services with Amazon Kinesis

Implementing Kinesis to drive OTT growth

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What do successful OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Fox, StreamAMG, and many others have in common? They are built on Amazon Web Services, popularly known as AWS. More specifically, they are built on Kinesis, a cloud-based platform by Amazon that enables real-time streaming processing of streaming huge volumes of data. It's not an exaggeration to say Kinesis is the beginning of the next-gen of OTT platforms as it processes data almost instantaneously. This allows you to extract insights at an accelerated pace. Additionally, Kinesis is highly scalable and has almost zero maintenance costs as it's wholly managed by Amazon.

But why Kinesis? → Content. We are consuming content at an unimaginable rate, and businesses that understand the power of content-driven strategies are more successful than their counterparts. However, for media and OTT platforms, delivering consistent value to their audience is the key to building a reputation, and a strong reputation is how you build resiliency in this industry. Kinesis provides you with the infrastructure needed to make this happen.


Topics Covered

The webinar also covers the following topics.


What is an OTT Platform?

If you don’t already know we’ll be talking about OTT (or Over-The-Top) platforms and how they impact the world right now - Learn how OTT differentiates itself from traditional broadcast or cable-based video services and why this is so important right now for entertainment, sports and media businesses.


Why is everyone shifting to cloud based OTT?

Understand how internet service providers are enabling a direct to the customer on-demand video service that is taking the entertainment, sports and media industries by storm.


Streaming Tool Comparisons in various clouds

Learn why AWS is different from other cloud providers and why Kinesis is the preferred platform for major players such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Fox & StreamAMG.


Usage of Kinesis Streaming Service

Learn how to leverage Kinesis streaming services to reach millions of subscribers with absolute ease and zero latency issues.


Challenges in OTT

We’ll walk you through the pitfalls that every OTT platform faces today and how you can look to fix these issues.


Immersive Demo

Take a sneak-peek of our kinesis-based OTT Platform, to understand how we can help you build a fully functional OTT based on our customized solution.

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Thursday, 10 November 2022
EST 11.30 AM / PST 8.30 AM


Mr Vijayakumar Bose

Principal Architect - Cloud & Web, W2S Solutions

Vijay is a seasoned technology professional, bringing to the table more than 15 years of experience in Cloud and associated technologies. A strict visionary who drives innovation relentlessly, Vijay has architected several ground-breaking solutions based on AWS, Azure and GCP. He is also the thought leader for the OTT platform project at W2S Solutions.

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