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This is how you do “EdTech”!

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Making education accessible is the first step toward building a future that fuels innovation, creativity, and inclusivity. With digital media being increasingly popular among the masses, this channel can be an effective way to connect millions of students with mentors, teachers, and subject matter experts.

With pandemics like COVID affecting the educational landscape of the country, EdTech was a significant force that revived the spirit of education and opened up new gateways for students to connect. EdTech didn’t just focus on democratizing education but quality education that brings a quantifiable impact on the demography!

Enabling education institutions to achieve the golden 1:1 ratio, digital taps into the true potential of young and curious minds. Moreover, students, teachers, and parents are comfortable with the digital medium. With technologies like 5G further propelling connectivity and IoT devices being more and more affordable, EdTech will soon replace the conventional approach to education if it has not started already!


Topics Covered

The webinar also covers the following topics.


Why EdTech?

EdTech is a billion-dollar market that fuels both economy and value! But what makes EdTech a promising phenomenon of the future? Let’s find out!



We walk you through our product, helping you to understand the various aspects of it and how it works in the context of real-world situations!


Interacting with the audience

Our industry experts would be available to answer your questions regarding technology, the product, and the EdTech sector.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2022
4.30 PM GST

case study and host expertise

Our client runs a leading educational institution on a mission to make education accessible to everyone. Having multiple branches, and more than 3000+ students enrolled in their institution, they actively engage in transforming the education system forever. We partner with the client to build an advanced eSchool platform that brings everyone together easily.

The client's primary requirement is to leverage a scalable platform like digital to overcome the restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic and indulge students in quality education. With a dynamic digital platform, our clients can make education accessible and affordable, thus amplifying their core vision.

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Our industry experts, Athira and Yashbharti, have been in the industry for quite a long time! They are some of the best in the market, as they have helped various businesses to strike a perfect balance between innovation and ROI. Though they have a wide range of industry experience, their work in the education sector has greatly contributed to the collective impact!

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