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Planogram analysis - Where tech meets business

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Post pandemic, we have witnessed a drastic paradigm shift in consumer behaviour, and we think that the retail space can capitalize on this situation and revive itself to drive sales and brand presence.

So, we collaborated with some of the leading industry experts to identify and isolate the winning formula of retail giants like Target, Walmart, Costco, and many others, and we found that they all have one thing in common- Planogram compliance!

Leveraging planogram analysis helps them understand their consumer’s behaviour, and work on their needs even before they recognize them! And the good news is that businesses don’t have to start from scratch to leverage planogram analysis. They already have the infrastructure for it, and all they have to do is put 2 and 2 together!

Join us on our webinar to watch Raman- one of the most reputed industry experts, unveil the secrets of the retail industry and how businesses can leverage planogram analysis to drive their sales.


Topics Covered

The webinar also covers the following topics.


Shelf identification

The Shelf is the holy grail of retail, and optimizing this space is the simplest way to capture your customer’s attention. Businesses can practically “make” customers react a certain way by optimizing the shelf space in a store. Learn how you can drive sales by simply identifying and optimizing the shelf space.


Object detection

By analyzing simple images of the shelf, AI and ML can now identify the products on the shelf. By identifying the products on the shelf, it can further calculate the percentage of occupied space by a specific product and how it triggers specific consumer interactions.


Planogram compliance for fashion industry

Consumers of the fashion industry are really specific about the way a brand or product is being represented. Particularly in retail stores, it is important for the brands to nail the first impression to drive sales. Moreover, by ensuring planogram compliance, brands can easily trigger a “purchasing response” among their user base pretty easily.

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Thursday, 07 July 2022
EST 12 Noon / PST 9 AM

case study and host expertise

A conglomerate with a dominating presence in the global market, our client operates in more than 150 countries. They are a revolutionary player in the food and beverages industry, responsible for building some of the signature products and brands in the world. With a huge fan-following, our client's brand presence creates a massive impact on the market.

The client needed a central digital system that allowed them to accumulate, quantify, and analyze their brand's visibility in the retail space. As retail is one of the largest sales pipelines for the client, increased visibility here would result in higher sales.

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An alumnus of the prestigious State University, New York, and a key player in the tech revolution for almost 16 years, Raman is one of the few industry experts to strike a balance between business and technology. He has helped various enterprises fetch significant tech-ROI and fueled their digital journey to achieve greater things.

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